This stock has jumped 163 percent so far this year, now the company has announced to give bonus shares


The company will issue 2 more shares on one share with a face value of Rs 10.
The current price of one share of the company is currently Rs 313.45.
The market cap of this company is currently Rs 358 crore.

New Delhi. Listed companies in the stock market are releasing their quarterly results. Amidst these results, bonus shares and dividends are also being announced. For investors, this is an additional opportunity to earn in addition to fluctuations in stocks. Jin Laboratories Limited is giving one such opportunity. This company has announced bonus shares for its shareholders.

The company told SEBI on Saturday that it will give 2 more shares to investors for a share of face value of Rs 10. It is worth noting that the company has not yet announced the record date for this. Let us inform that the company’s shares closed at Rs 313.50 with a gain of 0.06 per cent on Friday.

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How were the quarterly results?
In the second quarter of the financial year 2022-23, the company’s sales have increased by 31.08 percent on an annual basis. With this, the profit of the company has increased by 182 per cent to Rs 5.65 crore as compared to the same quarter of the previous financial year. The company had received an income of about Rs 93 crore in the quarter under review, which was around 64 crore in the same quarter of the previous financial year.

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company’s share position
Shares of Jim Laboratories have now risen 163 per cent this year. The current price of one share of the company is currently Rs 313.45. These shares are available only on BSE. These shares have gone up about 15 percent in a week. At the same time, an increase of 34 per cent has been seen in the prices of its shares in the last one month. The stock has gained 150 per cent in a year and has gained Rs 188 during this period. In 3 years, this stock has given a return of 262 per cent to its investors. The market cap of this company is currently Rs 358 crore.

What does the company do?
This is a pharmaceutical company. The company manufactures pre-formulation intermediates and solid differentiated generic pharma formulations. It manufactures products for different therapeutic segments. This company was established in 1984. The company has a little over 66 per cent stake in the retail market. While 33.26 percent stake is with the promoters.

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